Yoshi’s HD Adventure

It’s been a while since our dinosaur friend’s had his own adventure. Seven years really. Perfect time for his foray on the Wii U. This time, Yoshi has a fresh art style and a new studio, as seen in January’s Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo didn’t give us a title, but we can be creative. It could be a successor to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. The art style may even suggest a sequel to Yoshi’s Story. But last November, a game called Yoshi’s Land appeared on Best Buy’s online catalogue and is most likely the same game exhibited in the latest Nintendo Direct. With one good look at the footage Nintendo released, you can immediately tell that it’s being developed by Good Feel, the studio that brought you Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

Yoshi running about what appears to be a child's bedroom.

In this new game we see a similar art direction; a look that scores our minds and distinguishes itself from the other platformers on the market. That being said, the gameplay in Kirby’s Epic Yarn was quite the letdown. Filled to the brim with shallow combat and simple platforming, the game’s presentation was the only exceptional aspect of the title. With no health system in place, there was no room for failure and as a result, removed any challenge from the gameplay. But good news, Takashi Tezuka, the director of Super Mario World 2, will be supervising the development. Hopefully his presence will push the game in a deeper and more challenging direction than Good Feel’s last title.

Obviously, I can’t make much of a comment on the game with so little information. But as far as visuals go, it looks incredible. Good Feel may be taking inspiration from their earlier product, but they’re sculpting something with a unique style, making this title worthy of its own pedestal.

Even with the limited exposure, I’m quite excited about Yoshi’s next adventure.

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